Atlas Nationwide provides a unique, hands on appraisal management solution on a national scale. The Company is committed to and accountable for reliability, quality and professional service through a ‘partnership’ approach with clients and valuation professionals.

Atlas Nationwide partners with only the most competent real estate appraisers, carefully selecting the most qualified professional for each assignment. Further, it is dedicated to building strong, long term relationships with all of its Appraisers within the field. Valuation services for Loan Origination, Servicing and REO include:

Residential, Multifamily and Review Appraisals
Residential Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)
Rental BPOs




Atlas Nationwide offers clients total control over their appraisal quality and the appraisers they select supported by an expert team of experienced collateral risk managers throughout the process. With Atlas Nationwide, the client receives fast, professional service, an expert appraisal management partner and an end-to-end audit trail on every transaction to satisfy regulatory examiners. Additional, specialized services include:

• Use an expert panel of local appraisers, and still maintain compliance with appraiser
  independence regulations
• Set up a secure login for your office in less than two minutes
• Place orders online in just minutes, without any e-mails
• Secure credit card processing when you place the order
• Easily upload all contracts and related documents to orders
• Log in to see status of every order, plus receive notification e-mails so you’re always in the
  loop and can deliver excellent service to your borrowers
• Send and receive messages or questions about any order
• Eliminate delays and frustration with our extensive quality control checks completed prior
  to the report being delivered to you
• Compliance certificate can accompany every report for audit documentation
• We’ll submit to UCDP on your behalf and provide you with all resulting documents for fast,
  trouble-free secondary market performance
• If you choose, we’ll send completed appraisals to the borrower using the secure, compliant
  disclosure delivery tool, SureReceipts, and you receive a complete audit trail to prove delivery
  should you need to
• Compliance safeguards for CFPB, OCC, DFA,FHA, GLB, and more