Minimize your risk! We all know evictions are inherently risky but that risk can be greatly mitigated through sound processes and excellent judgment.

Atlas Nationwide’s Eviction Management Team strives to reduce its Clients’ risk while increasing efficiency and reducing costs during the Eviction phase of the property management process. Effective management of local eviction attorney experts, utilizing proven processes and excellent judgment results in the best overall performance result possible. Atlas Nationwide works with only the strongest local partners available and remains fully engaged throughout the entire process from occupancy determination, options presentation, relocation assistance, personal property disposition and final lockout, if necessary. Adhering to local, state and Federal requirements while managing client timeline and expense requirements, general reporting and overall performance expectations is paramount to the success of the Atlas Nationwide Eviction Management Team.

Benefits for Servicers and GSE's
• Oversight of entire eviction process
• Minimize client’s risk
• Partnerships with expert law firms
• Federal and state compliance
• Oversight of Relocation assistance
• Oversight of Rental Management program
• High level custom reporting